Thursday, September 22, 2011

5 Spooky Halloween Party Favors That You Need

Every great Halloween party needs a wide selection of Halloween party favors. Sure, your guests come to see you, not just to eat your food and get free stuff (hopefully) - but Halloween party favors certainly don't hurt.

Spooky Halloween party favors are a fun and inexpensive way to say, "Hey, I'm glad you came".  Make sure to buy a few extra Halloween favors for your party - you never know if a guest might show up with a date or a group of friends.

Can't decide which spooky Halloween party favors to buy for your next Halloween bash? Host the best Halloween party ever with the help of the Halloween party favors below.

Mini Halloween Cauldrons 
"Double, Double, toil and trouble"...spooky black cauldrons go all the way back to the days of Shakespeare.  Fill these mini Halloween party favors with candy, stickers, and anything else that you can cram inside.

Glowing Rings

Flash Pop Rings Pkg/12

Flash Pop Rings Pkg/12

No spooky Halloween party is complete without glowing rings.  These flash pop rings come in a variety of colors and styles, keeping your guests glowing strong all night long.

Halloween Lollipops


2" Halloween Swirl Lollipops Dozen

Are your guests too old for trick-or-treating?  Not a problem.  Tell them that this year, they don't have to raid their kids' Halloween bags.  Halloween Swirl Pops are a sugar-filled, delicious Halloween party favor, suitable for kids - and adults - of all ages.

Wax Lips

Wax Lips Box/24

Wax Lips Box/24

Ahhhh, wax lips - the classic - although not very spooky - Halloween party favor.  You loved them when you were a kid, and they're just as fun now that you're all grown up.  The best part?  You can chew them like gum when you're done walking around and holding them up to your mouth.

Have you ever seen a bunch of intoxicated adults trying to paint their own mini pumpkin?  You have now.

Throw everybody on the deck or in the backyard, and give them each their own paintable pumpkin to decorate.  Have guests vote on the best-looking painted pumpkin.  The winner gets a goody bag filled with fun Halloween prizes.